Who We Are

Versatile Arts and Entertainment is another result from the death of Shaheen Mackey, and the true definition of turning pain into progress. We are a unique and dynamic company that embraces the culture of various art forms to create a diverse and inclusive platform for artistic expression. Our mission is to celebrate and promote artistic freedom by bringing together musicians, visual artists, dancers, fashion designers, and other creative individuals from all walks of life.

At Versatile Arts and Entertainment, we believe that true creativity knows no boundaries. We encourage collaboration and a cross-pollination of ideas, which creates a vibrant and supportive community of artists who inspire and challenge each other on a daily basis. Our company serves as a hub where diverse talents converge, creating groundbreaking, one of a kind, artistic experiences.


In the realm of music, we showcase a wide spectrum of artists and genres, from Hip-hop to Caribbean. We provide opportunities for emerging musicians to perform and share their music, while also curating events that blend different musical styles, resulting in unique and unforgettable performances. Through our music department, we have curated over 750,000 streams between all major streaming platforms. That of which include 5 albums, 3 EP's, and over 100 singles.

Visual Arts

In the world of visual arts, Versatile  hosts exhibitions that showcase the works of painters, sculptors, photographers, and mixed-media artists. We create an immersive environment that allows creators to explore and appreciate the depth of artistic expression. Our company also partners with galleries and curators to promote and help them sell artwork, supporting artists in their creative journey.

Our Latest Work

For business inquires please contact versatileistheway@gmail.com