About Me

- Senior at Monmouth University studying Music Industry

- Music Intern for Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon

- 2024 Grammy U Representative

- 2023 Roc Nation Intern x UJC Student Ambassador

- President of Monmouth University's Black Student Union

- 2023 Live Nation Scholarship Recipient

- Founder & CEO of Versatile Arts & Entertainment

About Me

Welcome, my name is Asad Whitehead. I am currently entering my senior year at Monmouth University. I am a hardworking, passionate artist, dedicated to using my creative talents to make a positive impact. From a young age, I have been fascinated by the world of music and other creative arts. It has become my personal outlet for self-expression and setting an example for others to follow

My Goals

With my previous experience in the music industry, I only want to work and contribute to a company that is pushing the boundaries of innovation and supports the professional development of their team members. As someone who has high standards, I want to surround myself with an environment that has exceptional values, work ethic, and room to grow.

Future Plans

My future plans in the music industry reflect my entrepreneurial spirit and desire to open my own artistic businesses. As an entrepreneur in the music industry, I envision a dynamic career that allows myself to explore various avenues and create innovative ventures.  I aim to establish multiple artistic businesses that cater to different aspects of the art and entertainment industry.

    For information or collaborations please contact me at asadwhitehead@gmail.com