Monmouth University

As a rising senior, I will try my best to inspire others to get
involved, creating a ripple effect of positive change and leaving a
meaningful impact on the Monmouth community for years to come.

My Involvement

My involvement in the Monmouth University community is both extensive and meaningful, reflecting my commitment to personal growth and community engagement. I actively participate in various aspects of the college life, contributing my time, talents, and energy to create a positive and vibrant campus environment.

Below is an exploration of some of my current involvement at Monmouth University

Black Student Union

Being at a predominantly white institution, it was important to me to unite the black community and create a safe haven by advocating for the needs and issues that students of color may face on a daily basis. As President, our club's main goal weekly is to empower, teach, and explore one's experience of being a minority, while also learning and understanding other people's differences. In the community that BSU is creating, I want to be the change and inspire those around me to be who they want to be.

Blue Hawk Records

At Blue Hawk Records, our student-run record label, I play a vital role in contributing to the vibrant music community on campus. As an artist on the label, I bring my unique musical talents and creativity to the forefront. I participate in the creation and production of music, contributing my skills as a songwriter, musician, and vocalist. My role involves collaborating with fellow artists and the label's production team to bring your music to life. You contribute to the overall artistic vision of Blue Hawk Records, ensuring that the label maintains a diverse and engaging roster of talented artists. Our most recent event was a collaboration with the Bruce Springsteen Center for Archives for a Hip-Hop Discussion & Performance


In partnership with Versatile Ent. and Monmouth University, I recently just started my own radio show on WMCX 88.9, where I host and produce my own weekly episodes. The series is called “Vice-Versa” and is Monmouth University’s first Hip-Hop & Rap radio station. The radio show covers topics such as the struggles of being an African American in today’s society, the importance of men’s mental health, and useful life advice for intimate situations. Listen in on Friday Nights from 6pm-8pm!

Big Brothers Big Sisters

As a mentor for young black males, my experience has been both rewarding and transformative. My role involves providing guidance, support, and positive role modeling to help these young men navigate the challenges they face and realize their full potential.  Bi-weekly, we would meet together and have important conversations about our personal lives, career goals, and mental health importance. One of the most fulfilling aspects was witnessing the growth and transformation of my mentees. We get to see them overcome
challenges, achieve milestones, and develop into confident, responsible, and compassionate individuals. Their success becomes a footprint to the impact of mentorship and the potential within each of these young men